Get a glimpse into some of the things that NSLI-Y students have been doing during their time in China.

Tilden Remerleitch's research project for the semester was focused on the evolution of weddings in Shanghai. Tilden says, “My host grandfather said the main difference between weddings now and forty years ago is that, ‘people used to cook food at home and invite close family members over to their home to celebrate. Now, it is always at a restaurant with a company who caters and arranges the whole event.’ My host father added, ‘We had one hundred and fifty people attending our wedding. For that time it was a big celebration but now a days numbers are in the six hundreds.’" Tilden's host sister plans on having a wedding banquet with attendance numbers in the eight hundreds.

tilden posing with a couple at a wedding

NSLI-Y students visited the Carnegie-Tsinghua Center and UNICEF to gain a better understanding of working in China. The students found the experience rewarding and enriching as they learned about interning in China, while gaining realistic perspectives on what opportunities are available once a student develops their Chinese language skill

nsli-y students visiting carnegie tsinghua center
NSLI Y students at a dumpling competition

A dumpling competition is the perfect way to show off cooking and language skills. The students traveled to the local market in search of their favorite ingredients. While practicing Chinese and learning how to say ingredients, the students purchased meat, vegetables, and even pineapples for their home made jiao zi.