During the weekend of October 24 through October 25, 2014, the NSLI-Y Taiwan students traveled to San Hua High School in Tainan, where they spent two action-packed days with a group of twenty San Hua students and were able to experience life as teenagers in Taiwan, enjoying a nice break from their university lives.

The NSLI-Y and San Hua students took turns giving presentations on special foods from their respective countries and together completed a challenge based on these foods. They then baked sugar cookies and pineapple cakes, which were sold for charity. The students had a wonderful time with their San Hua counterparts, filling the classroom with laughter and conversation. Many of the students went to the night market that evening and were hosted by the San Hua students and their families for a night.

The next morning, the students and their new friends visited the Ten Drum Culture Village and were treated to a breathtaking performance by the Ten Drum Art Percussion Group. They also learned about the process of creating the drums, and even got a little drumming lesson themselves! Continuing on to the Confucius Temple, the students browsed the old traditional stores nearby. Although their time together was brief, the bonds the students made were deep and are sure to last for a long time to come. “I made the most incredible connections,” said Freya. Remarked Morgan, “This has definitely been the highlight of my experience so far.”