AFS implemented NSLI-Y participants are studying the Hindi language in Indore, India at the Daly College. They were recently interviewed by the Indore press in celebration of September 14th, Hindi Day. Hayley shares her experience learning about Hindi and talking to the reporter.

“I chose to be an exchange student in India because it gives me the chance to encounter the culture authentically, not as a packaged tourist deal. And though it is true that many Indians are fluent in English, I’m choosing to learn Hindi because it gives me insight into the behind the scenes aspects of the Indian culture, as well as linguistic skills that most Americans don’t have the chance to acquire. Hindi was approved as an official language of India by the Constituent Assembly on September 14, 1949. Currently the fourth most spoken language in the world, the 14th of September is now a holiday in its honor. Since the goal of NSLI-Y India is Hindi acquisition, we spent Saturday morning’s classes chatting with a reporter about why we’re choosing to learn Hindi and what we like about it. The reporter went around to each of us, asking us in Hindi how we liked the language, and whether we liked writing, reading, or speaking it better. She also asked about our favorite Indian dishes, the movies we’d seen, and what sweets we liked. Since no one else fulfilled her wish to hear one of us recite a poem, I complied.”– Hayley, NSLI-Y India, Academic Year 2014-2015

NSLI-Y Hindi students in the newspaper