Video By: Elaine, NSLI-Y Korea, Academic Year 2014-2015

Story By: Matthew, NSLI-Y Korea, Academic Year 2014-2015

NSLI-Y students posing on Nami's Islands famous trees.

In November, NSLI-Y students, directors, and supporters took a trip to Nami Island in Chuncheon, South Korea. Nami Island, or Namiseom, is a half moon shaped island formed by the rising of the North Han River as a result of the construction of Cheongpyeong Dam. After filling their stomachs with delicious Korean food, we headed towards the Ferry Loading Dock. It was here that the NSLIY students were able to glimpse at the crescent shaped island for the first time. Once on the ferry, the beauty of the island was revealed. The sun glistened over the water as we moved towards our destination.

Two Nsliyians hugging a Nami island tree.

Once arriving the group split up to debate and give quick presentations regarding various real life issues regarding the United States, South Korea, and North Korea. Although these quick speeches set a serious tone, the students quickly found themselves searching and exploring the beautiful Island. The trees hung over the dirt roads and the sun peaked through the forested environment. Students were able to enjoy fresh air outside of the city together.

It was here that I learned that beyond the city lie other types of beauty. I saw a horizon filled with mountains and trees rather than buildings and pollution. It was absolutely beautiful and relaxing. We were taken away from the car horns, busy streets, and relentless noise of the city. Not only did many of us get a chance to reconnect, we were also able to strengthen our relationships with our supporters and new resident director. Now that the idea of living in Korea is really setting in, the students are ready to embark on new adventures beyond the simple day-to-day life in the city.

Nami Island famous tree path.