A group of 5 NSLI-Y Hindi, Academic Year 2014-2015 students are learning Hindi for the year at the Daly College in India. In the video, they introduce themselves, describe what they like about India, and discuss their experiences - all in Hindi. The partially translated script is as follows:


Hayley: My name is Hayley and I am from Oregon.

William: My name is William and I am from New Orleans, Louisiana.

Gerry: My name is Gerry and I am from America.

Michael: My name is Michael and I am from America. I am from Chicago.

Hicell: Hello, my name is Hicell and I am from Los Angeles.

What They Like in India:

Hayley: I like Hindi songs and in Daly College, I am learning to play the tabla [an Indian drum].

William: In India, I like sitting in rickshaws a lot because when I sit in a rickshaw I feel very Indian, and sitting in rickshaws is really superb.

Michael: I like India a lot. In India there are a lot of colorful festivals.

Hicell: Indian people are really great. My host family in India is really superb.

Gerry: India, as it is, is very beautiful and has a lot of history. I really like my family.

William: My family in India is really great, because I am new in India. I am a part of my family, so they are really nice.

Hayley: My family is really great, and they always keep me safe.

The Learning Experience:

William: I like learning Hindi a lot because Hindi is an important language and a new language. Because of the English influence, it is very interesting.

Hayley: Hindi is very similar to English, but sometimes it is a little difficult.

Summing Up Their Experience:

All: We like Hindi a lot!