On March 16, NSLI-Y Interactive hosted its third virtual event connecting five NSLI-Y students currently on the NSLI-Y Russian language program with two Russian language high school classrooms in the United States.

The NSLI-Y Russian language participants gave presentations in Russian on the topic of “One Day in the Life on the Russian Language Program” for students at Staten Island Technical High School in Staten Island, NY and Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Alexandria, VA.

The event began with introductions in Russian by students from each of the two high schools.

image of the student presenters

Then, four of the NSLI-Y student presenters spoke on their chosen topics. Amiela discussed academics, while Lukas spoke on professional development opportunities of which they have been able to take advantage. Logan shared about hobbies and activities they had partaken in, and Kimberly talked about the various ways she had explored her host countries and the cultures of Moldova and Estonia. The students also shared interesting and authentic photos they had taken, such as the one below, to share visual insight into their experiences.

slide titled "lukas on professional development" that has an image of nsliy students in professional attire

Following the presentations, the American classrooms had a chance to ask their own questions about topics such as what other academic subjects the NSLI-Y students took besides Russian. The participants enjoyed the unique opportunity to apply their Russian language skills and share their experiences, insights and multimedia while making a real-time international connection with their peers in the United States.

NSLI-Y Student Presenters

image of the four nsliy student speakers with their biographies

Future virtual events will be scheduled in the following months and can be found here. If you are interested in participating in a NSLI-Y virtual event, please complete our interest form.