On July 10, 2015, NSLI-Y China students in Shanghai took an excursion to Nanjing, where they spent two days at a local school and interacted with Chinese students through sports; performances; lessons on Chinese characters; and a hike to one of Nanjing's famous tourist spots, Tang Shan.

nsli-y china students learn about chinese characters

NSLI-Y China summer students learn about Chinese characters

nsli-y china students participating in a discussion while sitting in a circle with peers

The students participate in a discussion with their Chinese peers.

nsli-y students pose during their hike to tang shan

The students pause during their hike to Tang Shan.

During their stay in Nanjing, two students, Noah and John, were interviewed by journalists from the local television station. They talked about their Chinese language learning and what they had seen and learned in China thus far. View the video clip of the students’ interview above.

three nsli-y students singing on stage with a a blue background and a red sign in front of them that has yellow mandarin characters

The students perform on stage.