Join NSLI-Y alumni as they share their reflections on how participating in virtual exchange affected their study abroad experience when they present at this years' Global Education Conference. (November 16-19, 2015)

The session, which will also include presentations from an American educator and her students from Boston Latin School (BLS), will take place on Tuesday, November 17, 2015. Presenters will take a look at both sides of an interactive virtual exchange; NSLI-Y alumni and BLS students will reflect on their participation in this type of exchange.

NSLI-Y Turkish and Chinese program alumni will share how virtual exchange helped them reflect on and process their own experience, and how participating in NSLI-Y Interactive Virtual Events can be considered just one of the many ways to be a citizen ambassador and a representative of the program. BLS students will speak about the effect that their participation in virtual events had on bringing to life the languages and cultures that they were already studying as part of their curriculum, and how they were inspired to continue with their studies and to explore the option of studying abroad for themselves.

Join here Tuesday, November 17, at 9pm EST.
(The session will be recorded and posted here for those of you who cannot attend.)