Looking for ways to use your language skills to give back? Want to hear about the projects and careers NSLI-Y alumni have done to make a difference in the world?

NSLI-Y Interactive is proud to partner with NSLI-Y Alumni Representatives for Virtual Engagement to host "Coming Back, Giving Back: Using Your NSLI-Y Experience for Good" on Wednesday, April 6th at 7:30 PM (EST)!

In this hour long webinar, we will be featuring presentations from alumni who have gone on to make a social impact in their communities through service projects or their careers. From working with refugees to starting a pen-pal program between Chinese and American schools, there are so many ways that NSLI-Y alumni give back to their community and we want to share these stories to perhaps inspire and enable others to do similar work.

To join this event, please click here at 7:30 pm EST on Wednesday, April 6th. The virtual meeting room will be closed outside of this time.

This webinar is part of the "Coming Back, Giving Back" campaign that NSLI-Y Interactive is launching in honor of Global Youth Service Day 2016. If you have gone on to use your NSLI-Y experience to make a difference, please consider sharing your story!

collage image of nsli-y students from around the world volunteering