You are invited to join "Arabic Capstone Projects," a Virtual Event. This Virtual Event will take place on May 16, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. (EST). Five NSLI-Y students, who are finishing up their Arabic Academic Year programs in Morocco, will present on what they learned about Morocco (and themselves) through work on their final Capstone projects. These NSLI-Y students will be joining us from their Re-Entry Orientation in Washington, D.C.. They are looking forward to sharing their experiences as they wrap-up their NSLI-Y scholarship program.

Please click here at 6:30 pm EST tonight, Monday, May 16th to access the Adobe Connect conference room. Feel free to share this link with anyone who may also be interested.

NSLI-Y Student Speakers:

image of noor


My name is Noor and I'm from Big Island, Hawaii. I spent the summer of 2014 in Rabat on the NSLI-Y program and decided to return for the NSLI-Y year long program. Throughout my time on this program, I was able to learn Arabic at a rapid speed, form lasting relationships with amazing people, and immerse myself into a new culture. When I was not in Arabic class, I was exploring the diverse terrain of Morocco as well as volunteering at multiple NGOs within and outside my host community. This year, I will be heading to Brown University in Rhode Island, where I hope to study International Relations as well as continue focusing on Arabic Language.

image of nancy


My name is Nancy and I am from Chantilly, Virginia. I am on the NSLI-Y program for my senior year of high school, and I will be attending Swarthmore College in the fall. Being Egyptian, I have grown up around the Arabic language and Arab culture, and I just wanted to the opportunity to experience it more in depth. In Rabat, I like to shop in the Medina, spend time with my host family, and try new interesting Moroccan cuisines!

image of sophia


My name is Sophia, and I'm from Woodbury, Minnesota. This fall, I will be heading to Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut and am interested in pursuing Global Affairs and the Arabic Language. Ever since attending a summer Arabic language camp, I have been interested in this language and hope to speak it in my future work. During my time in Rabat, I enjoyed spending time with friends in cafes and parks, attending local events like musical performances and poetry slams, and eating all of the pastries in the medina.

image of chloe kate


My name is Chloe-Kate and I am from Brooklyn, NY, although I prefer collecting passport stamps to exploring New York City. I did NSLI-Y Arabic year as a gap year student and will be heading to University of St. Andrews in the fall to study International Relations, Middle Eastern History, and of course Arabic. After doing NSLI-Y Arabic summer I knew I wanted another chance to study Arabic in Morocco because I felt that when I left I was just starting to make meaningful friendships and gain a less superficial understanding of the culture. Throughout my year in Rabat I have loved dancing to street music, going to concerts with friends, and spending countless dirhams on things I don't need at the medina.



My name is Florise and I am from Montclair, NJ. After the NSLI-Y program, I plan to stay in Washington D.C. and intern for Congress on Capitol Hill. I chose Arabic because of my interests in politics and national security, and I plan to study International Politics and Arabic at Georgetown University School of Foreign Service in Doha, Qatar. While in Rabat, I love to walk through and spend money at the medina, go to cafes with my friends, and eat Moroccan food!