To celebrate NSLI-Y’s 10th anniversary, NSLI-Y administrative staff is facilitating an alumni webinar series, “Making a Worldwide Difference.”

The first webinar, “The Peace Corps Experience,” was held on October 20th and included four Returned Peace Corps Volunteers: Keeley Hayes, Sally Y. Kim, Pharren Crawford, and Harris Javed. Each spoke about their experiences as PeaceCorps Volunteers and their current work at Peace Corps Headquarters. During her service, Keeley worked on education in the Kyrgyz Republic. Sally worked in Kazakhstan on Community Economic Development. Pharren worked on health in Mozambique. Harris worked on Education in Madagascar.

Keeley also spoke on the purpose and goals of Peace Corps, the work of volunteers, the application process, and the benefits of being a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (RPCVs) in the U.S. RPCVs have access to career development and professional benefits as well as Paull D. Coverdell Fellowship’s for undergraduate and graduate degrees. They also have non-competitive eligibility for some government positions for one year and access to the Peace Corps job board where many employers post positions relevant to RPCVs, as they have language and intercultural skills that are valuable to international organizations and firms. Sally spoke about the work Peace Corps does with organizations and business in the U.S. to connect to employment opportunities when they return to the U.S. You can view the webinar recording below or by clicking here.