Community service is an important component to all NSLI-Y programs. Community service allows NSLI-Y scholars to build relationships with and give back to their local communities. Community service also provides an opportunity for NSLI-Y scholars to practice their target language skills. Below are some community service highlights from the 2017 summer programs.

nsli-y student playing with children

The NSLI-Y Chinese participants in Xi’an looked forward to contributing to their community right away through volunteer service at a neighborhood kindergarten. What the students didn’t know was that the planned activity for the day was an all-hands-on-deck water gun fight! With the soaring summer temperatures, it made for a fun and cooling way to interact with local children.

nsli-y cohort posing together

NSLI-Y Chinese participants in Nanjing contributed to the welfare of the community through different service projects. Small groups of students volunteered with younger students at a local community center and tutored them in English. In addition, the group paid a visit to a nearby retirement home to assist residents.

NSLI-Y Chinese participants in Suzhou went to the Suzhou Welfare Center Orphanage to volunteer and meet local children. The students had a great time reading, playing card games, and getting to know the children.

three nsli-y russian students presenting

The NSLI-Y Russian students had their first volunteer visit at a local school. They began their visit to the school with a trust-building activity and then spent the first half of their time discussing strategies for effective learning and for creating enriching learning spaces. Students contributed to the school in a variety of ways, including planting a lilac tree to beautify the school grounds, creating a poster of motivational quotes, and creating an interactive map.

nsli-y hindi students volunteering at a school

NSLI-Y Hindi participants volunteered at a local underprivileged school. Participants first learned to make bags from recyclable materials, such as newspapers and magazines, on their own. They then traveled to the nearby Khushi School to work with children. Participants showed the children how to make the bags, which they will use at school.

nsli-y students volunteering at a school

NSLI-Y Hindi participants volunteered at a school in an impoverished area of Indore, the Bicholi Kakad School. Participants used their Hindi skills to make educational signs about personal hygiene during their language classes. They presented their work to the school during their community service activity.

nsli-y amman cohort volunteering at a clohtesbank

NSLI-Y Arabic students volunteered at the clothes bank in Amman by sorting clothes that will go to local communities that are in need. This activity was a collaboration with the English ACCESS Microscholarship Program, also funded by the U.S. Department of State. This highly effective training program is designed to provide a significant English-language learning experience to bright underserved 14 to 18-year old students. Participant Daniel said, “This was a wonderful opportunity, not only to contribute something to a country offering us such an incredible learning opportunity but to also work with local students towards a common end.”