On October 17, three current students from the 2017-2018 NSLI-Y Academic Year program in Seoul, South Korea connected with two Korean language classrooms in Virginia to talk about Korean language learning strategies. The NSLI-Y students gave presentations to the students in the U.S. and the students in the U.S. had the opportunity to ask the NSLI-Y students questions. We invite you to watch the recording of the event! Please note that some of the presentations are conducted in Korean. Interested in having your classroom participate in a virtual event? Complete this form to register!

Click here to watch the U.S. classroom introductions.

Click here to watch the Q&A.

Read about the NSLI-Y student speakers and watch their presentations below:

Picture of NSLI-Y Student MaxHi! My name is Maxwell and I’m a current NSLI-Y Korean Academic Year participant living in Seoul, Sout Korea. I’m a junior in high school from Charlotte, NC. I’m really interested in different languages and cultures and began learning Korean on my own in middle school. At that time, Korean language was particularly interesting to me because of Korean entertainment as well as the unique and simple writing system. In the past month alone of living in Korea I’ve learned an immeasurable amount of information about Korean culture, society, history, and language. For this reason, I hope that more students pursue their interests in foreign cultures and languages, as the entire learning experience is truly eye-opening and rewarding. Click here to watch Max's presentation.

Picture of NSLI-Y Student RebeccaHello! My name is Rebecca (라희 Rahee), and I'm from Jacksonville, Florida. I began studying Korean as a freshman in high school, part due to my past experiences learning Taekwondo, and part due to my own fascination with languages that developed in those high school years. In studying Korean, I became extremely interested in the Korean Peninsula from a socio-economic standpoint, and I continue to study Korean in hopes that one day I will be able to partake in academic research from that perspective! Click here to watch Rebecca's presentation.

Picture of NSLI-Y Student SuraHello! My name is Sura. I am 18 years old and I am from Wichita, Kansas. I am Jordanian-American and lived in Jordan for around four and a half years when I was younger. Learning Arabic while I was growing up really helped spark my interest in language. My mother also happened to be fluent in five languages, so, I was very much exposed to language as a whole. In the seventh grade, I came across my first Korean TV drama. I immediately fell in love with how beautiful Korean sounded and the intriguing culture differences. I, fortunately, found out about the National Security Language Initiative for Youth Program, NSLI-Y, and decided to apply in the hopes to learn Korean and more about the culture. Click here to watch Sura's presentation.