On September 27, 2018 NSLI-Y Interactive the first webinar of the 2018-2019 season. This webinar featured four alumni who shared how they have used stories from NSLI-Y in their lives and careers. From college applications to outreach to breaking regional stereotypes, these alumni provided valuable insight and tips on how to effectively share about NSLI-Y. Watch the full recording of the event here.

Speaker Bios:


Caroline, Russian

Hi everyone! My name is Caroline and I'm from North Carolina. I’m a NSLI-Y Moldovan Summer 2017 alumna. Currently, I’m finishing up my senior year of high school at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics. While at school, I’m teaching a Russian Language and Culture Seminar and working with the Kenan Refugee Project at Duke University to create therapy and academic outreach programs for refugee communities, as well as conducting research on domestic violence in farmworker communities. It’s a continuation of the work that I did last summer as an intern for the International Rescue Committee and World Relief Atlanta. This summer, I’ll be working at a shelter for deported migrants in Ixtepec, Mexico.

image of shraddha

Shraddha, Arabic

I am an alumna of the Arabic Summer 2017 program in Amman, Jordan, and a senior at Meridian World School, near Austin, Texas. I started learning Arabic because I wanted to expose myself to a language and culture that was very different from my own. In addition, as an active volunteer for the refugee community, and an enthusiast of international affairs, I was keen on studying the Arabic language as it connected to my personal and career goals. I currently serve as a 2018 NSLI-Y Alumni Representative, and I have been continuing my Arabic studies with a Jordanian tutor on Skype, as well as using it regularly with the refugee students to whom I teach ESL.

image of alice

Alice, Hindi

Namaste, mera naam Alice hai. I recently returned home to Milwaukee, Wisconsin from the 2017-18 Hindi Academic Year program. Since my ninth grade World History course, I have been fascinated by the diversity of languages and religions in India. Learning Hindi has given me a way to both learn more about Indian society, and connect with people in ways that would not have been possible if I only spoke English. I have also loved the challenge of learning a new system of writing. After returning home, I have started my senior year of high school and have been using my Hindi as a waitress at my local Indian restaurant.

image of rahul

Rahul, Chinese (Mandarin)

My name is Rahul and I am a senior at Worcester Academy, Worcester, MA. I was a 2016 NSLI-Y Summer Scholar (Mandarin) in Xiamen, China. Since my return, I have been involved in several NSLI-Y outreach activities in my community and was chosen to be a 2018 NSLI-Y Virtual Alumni Representative. I spent the 2018 summer as a research intern at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell investigating Natural Language Processing applications.