a nsli-y alum gives a speech indoors

NSLI-Y Korea

A 2017 alumnus Anand Tyagi joined NSLI-Y Korea students for dinner in downtown Seoul. Anand is a freshman at NYU and doing his summer internship in a major Korean company in downtown Seoul this summer. He talked about how he has been continuing with his study of Korean and introduced his career interest and how NSLI-Y has been impacting his life choices so far.

An NSLI-Y alumna leads Ronya, Emilio, Mililani, Noelle and Haley on a tour of the South Korean capitol building.

An NSLI-Y alumna leads Ronya, Emilio, Mililani, Noelle and Haley on a tour of the South Korean capitol building.

NSLI-Y Korea

In late June, NSLI-Y Korea students had an arrival orientation to prepare them for a safe and fulfilling Korean experience. For the students, the highlight was clearly their first excursions into Seoul under the guidance of an NSLI-Y alumna and their local language supporters. Students visited various tourist sites while learning how to charge their own transportation cards, ride the subway, and use Korean currency.

nsli-y alum nick gives a presentaton

NSLI-Y China

The twenty-five NSLI-Y China students met an NSLI-Y alum (2011), Mr. Nick Clark, who is an entrepreneur in Shanghai. Nick shared his NSLI-Y experience and also discussed his current career with the students.

NSLI-Y Russia

group photo from pdo

A highlight of the first PDO session for incoming NSLI-Y Russia students was a visit from several NSLI-Y alumni. The evening was attended by four alumni, Katherine Free (2015), Dominika Tomczyk (2015), Jane Gasper (2017) and Lindsay Wu (2017). They shared their experiences and insights on topics ranging from preparation for the program, culture shock, importance of health and well-being on program, tips on studying Russian language, living with host families, and the overall impact of the program for them personally. The NSLI-Y participants and parents asked great questions and enjoyed the opportunity to speak with alumni.

During the second PDO, alumni Emilie Scott (2017), Claire Crossman (2017) and Victoria Pantagis (2017) joined the group to share their insights and experiences. In fact, two of the students are current participants of RAF’s ballet intensive in NYC - dancing in some of the same classes as the current students. It was touching to see the camaraderie that was being established between these students, as they are now part of the shared NSLI-Y community. This session was very interactive as by this point the NSLI-Y group had many new questions prepared. It was especially moving to hear the alumni speak about the impact that the NSLI-Y program had on their lives, about stories of them staying in close touch with their former host families - friendships and bonds that endured well beyond the short 6-week program last summer.

students have breakfast with an alum

NSLI-Y Korea

NSLI-Y 2016 alumnus Marsden Jacques, who is currently a SUNY Korea student majoring in computer science, joined breakfast with NSLI-Y students and talked about his past experience on the program, as well as his college life in Korea. Marsden is one of two students who attend SUNY Korea for college from the NSLI-Y alumni group. His advice for the students was to fully immerse themselves into Korean culture and enjoy this unique experience!