Highlights from the NSLI-Y 2018 Summer programs in China, Taiwan and Morocco.

NSLI-Y Chinese Students Participate in Community Events

NSLI-Y students at a basketball community event NSLI-Y Chinese Students at a Community Basketball Event

NSLI-Y Chinese students in China participated in a basketball carnival with local high school students. The basketball carnival featured local high school teams, who competed against one other for a top prize: a game with the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) Shanghai team. NSLI-Y students also played a couple of friendly competitions with their Chinese peers.

Big group of students NSLI-Y Chinese Students at a Summer Camp

NSLI-Y Chinese students visited a summer camp for elementary schoolers, who were so excited to meet some big brothers and sisters. They had a fun afternoon together, playing all kinds of fun games, singing and dancing. NSLI-Y students were able to practice their Chinese and teach the children some English.

George learns how to make Taiwanese rice crispy treats George and his language partner learn how to make Taiwanese rice crispy treats

NSLI-Y Chinese Students Prepare Taiwanese Treats with Language Partners

In July, NSLI-Y Chinese students in Taiwan prepared Taiwanese rice crispy treats with their language partners. They learned about the entire process from start to finish, including the cultivation and harvesting of rice, the pressurizing and popping of rice kernels, and of course the steps involved the preparation of the delicious treats.

Talat and Henry discuss the World Cup Talat and Henry discuss the World Cup and the importance of soccer with their language partner

NSLI-Y Arabic Students Discuss Diverse Topics with Moroccan Language Partners

NSLI-Y Arabic students in Morocco had the chance to practice their Arabic skills and engage in conversations with Moroccan college students each week over the summer. Conversation topics ranged from volunteerism in the U.S. and Morocco and the global significance of the World Cup and soccer.

Skijler converses with a recent migrant to Morocco Skijler converses with his language partner

NSLI-Y Arabic students also volunteered at La Fondation Orient-Occident, a center that provides education and support to immigrants and refugees in Morocco. The NSLI-Y students conversed in small groups at the center. They practiced a plethora of languages as they exchanged stories and learned about the immigrants' experiences.