On April 30, NSLI-Y Interactive hosted the virtual event "Hindi Classroom Connections." Five current NSLI-Y Academic Year students in India shared recordings of their presentations with a 16 Hindi language learners at the Central Junior High School in Euless, Texas. The students in the U.S. are in 9th grade and in a level two Hindi class. This year, they have learned about Indian food, the Indian government and pollution in India. Before the classroom connection event, the junior high students submitted questions about family life, the Indian school system and Indian food which the NSLI-Y students answered in their video presentations.

Watch the NSLI-Y video presentations: http://bit.ly/2VkEvuw

Meet our NSLI-Y guest speakers:



Mason is a rising college freshman from Towson, Maryland. Before studying Hindi, he did the summer NSLI-Y program in Tajikistan. He is interested in the linguistic intersections between Tajiki, Farsi, Urdu, and Hindi. In college he plans to dabble in mathematics, literature, science, and linguistics.

image of ava


Hi, my name is Ava and I’m from Alexandria, Virginia, which is right outside of Washington D.C. I chose to study Hindi with the NSLI-Y program because I thought it would be a great chance to use the language to fully understand the environmental conditions and appreciate the rich culture of India. I graduated last year and will be studying Environmental Resource Management at Virginia Tech in the fall.



Hi! My name is Sarah, and I’m from Houston, Texas. I did the NSLI-Y program as a gap year and will start at Duke this fall to study engineering. I am interested in the environment and would like to work in renewable energy, so I wanted to visit India and learn about its environmental challenges and their solutions.

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Andrew Douglas is a High School sophomore from Vancouver Washington. He chose the NSLI-Y Hindi program because he wanted to learn an interesting language. Andrew is planning on finishing High School next year.