Vanessa is an alumna of the 2018 Summer NSLI-Y Persian program in Tajikistan and editor of New Semantics, a language blog-magazine. Vanessa recently organized the virtual event, NSLI-Y Alumni Insights (NAI) in collaboration with New Semantics.

New Semantics, is a blog-magazine that showcases student creative work and expert interviews,

New Semantics: Student Language Magazine
An image of the cover of the New Semantics language magazine. There logo is at the top and the bottom shows rows of book cases

highlighting student passion for language and culture. Contributors have studied 16+ languages altogether, hailing from Kentucky to the United Arab Emirates. New Semantics thus illustrates the multitude of perspectives in our diverse world, joining them in this forum for cross-cultural dialogue.

New Alumni Insights (NAI) is a subsection of New Semantics Volume 2 with creative pieces about language learning written by twelve NSLI-Y Alumni. NAI aims to foster continued passion for language-learning and cross-cultural dialogue, post NSLI-Y.

Check out the Volume 2 of New Semantics featuring NSLI-Y Alumni Insights here!

Vanessa on her NSLI-Y program in Tajikistan
Vanessa on her NSLI-Y program in Tajikistan

Vanessa is a graduating senior of Livingston High School’s Class of 2019 in Livingston, NJ. She is a language enthusiast as a NSLI-Y Summer 2018 Tajikistan (Persian) Alumna and represented the USA at the 2017 International Linguistics Olympiad. Vanessa likes to write -- in addition to being Founder/Editor of New Semantics, she is Co-Editor-in-Chief of her school’s Inner Voices Literary Magazine.

In her downtime, Vanessa likes to do Pilates, dabble in Japanese, bake with her sister, and watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Vanessa plans to study Linguistics and Computer Science at Harvard University starting Fall 2019.