Highlights from the 2019 Summer Tajiki program in Dushanbe, Tajikistan

June 22nd: Arrival in Dushanbe

NSLI‐Y students arrived in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, in the early morning of June 22. After some time to rest and an arrival orientation, the students were ready to explore the city. Together with their resident director and local coordinator, the group visited important landmarks in Dushanbe and learned how to navigate the city.

Participants and local coordinator pose in front of a statue of Ismoili Somoni in Dushanbe

June 24th

First day of class On Monday, all NSLI‐Y students had their first day of Tajik language class. They learned some key phrases for life in Tajikistan, including, “I’m full!” and “Bless you!”

nsli-y students and teachers enjoy a meal together outdoors

June 25th: Visit to the Botanical Garden After class, NSLI‐Y students had the opportunity to explore Dushanbe’s beautiful Botanical Garden, which is a popular place for young people, families, and couples to pass time among the trees and flowers. The students walked under the shade, hopped on some exercise equipment, and enjoyed some ice cream before heading back to their host families.

students stand in a gazebo outdoors surrounded by greenery

June 26th: The National Museum NSLI‐Y participants visited the National Museum, where they learned about the geography, history, and culture of Tajikistan. They used their developing language skills to ask the tour guide questions and took time to admire works by Tajik artists.

nsli-y students admiring art in the national museum