Photo credit: Marilyn Lehren,

NSLI-Y Russian Language alumnus Dylan was spotlighted in an article on for his involvement as student representative on the Board of Education for Livingston, New Jersey. Dylan has strongly advocated for the inclusion of Russian as a new world language in the Livingston school district and us hopeful that such changes will become a reality over the next couple of years.

Dylan currently attends Georgetown University as a student in the Walsh School of Foreign Service, where he plans to continue his Russian language studies. About NSLI-Y and his language learning journey, Dylan says,

"I have been studying Chinese since seventh grade in school but really grew attached to Russian. I listen to Russian radio (620 AM from Brighton Beach) and music in the car that I download. I also practice my Russian with my school friends who speak and any Russian strangers I meet. I sometimes also stop at the Russian foods store in my town to buy some Russian chocolates that I like. I recently sent a package of gifts to my Russian host family. We speak very frequently and I can't wait until we next meet. The NSLI-Y program was really invaluable and changed my life. I look forward to returning to Russia in the future and pursuing a career path in diplomacy."

Read the article on Dylan's involvement with the Livingston Board of Education here.