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Current and former NSLI-Y students can be cultural ambassadors by sharing about their experiences and reflections on program and upon their return to the U.S.

All NSLI-Y Interactive stories should include:

  • A title, story, and at least three photos or one video; and
  • Three to five paragraphs text in the body of the story (submission of posts partially or fully in NSLI-Y target language with translations is preferred).

Content and Style Guidelines:

NSLI-Y Interactive stories further cultural understanding and language acquisition for students, educators, and language learners in the U.S. and must include text or media that:

  • Provides a unique perspective or meaningful insight into the various aspects of the NSLI-Y language learning experience or time in host country;
  • Acts as a valuable resource to potential future NSLI-Y students, educators, or anyone interested in language learning and cultural exchanges; and
  • Is appropriate for a public audience of varying age groups and backgrounds.

Multimedia Guidelines:

The following list includes the types of multimedia that may be submitted, as well as the guidelines to follow for each media submission.

  • Photos/Photo essays/Slideshows – Photos should be original photos taken by the student/alumni, his/her program implementer, host family or local friends and should not be blurry or inappropriate (for example, contain nudity or depict hate or gore). If host family members or local friends are included in the photo, students must obtain permission from them to use it. Please submit at least three photos, including at least one of yourself, and please give each photo a descriptive title.
  • Videos – Videos (and large photo streams) must be submitted with captions and a brief description providing context and significance of the piece. If host family members or local friends are included in the video, student must obtain permission from them to use it.
  • News Articles – For stories with links to online new sources featuring NSLI-Y students, include the link to the news story and its source and author.
  • Podcasts/Voice Recordings – Include the link to the podcast or voice recording and its source if the podcast/recording is not student created.

* Note: Submissions that follow the NSLI-Y Interactive guidelines above will be published after a screening and editing process. Posts may be lightly edited in order to fix grammar and spelling mistakes, clarify meaning without changing the meaning itself, and/or include additional information to help readers understand the cultural setting.

Examples of NSLI-Y Interactive Stories

Everyday Life
: Short videos, photo essays, or blog entries on everyday topics such as local transportation, meals and traditional dishes, and school and home life with descriptions in English and/or recorded or written descriptions (submissions partially or fully in the target language are preferred).

Language Immersion Experience
: Video skits with greetings, songs, and everyday conversations (submissions partially or fully in the target language are preferred); “how to” language videos or photo essays (i.e.: how to make dumplings); descriptions of the language classroom and/or host school classroom experience; and notable moments of humorous misunderstandings or language breakthroughs with host family, local friends or in the community.

Student Reflections
: Blog style essays in English and/or partially or fully in the target language (preferred) on overcoming culture shock and cultural adaptation, building relationships with the host family, learning a new language, and making local friends.

Exploring a Foreign Country
: Video tours or photo slideshows of cultural and historic sites that can include interviews with guides and locals in English and/or verbal or written descriptions partially or fully in the target language (preferred).

Overall NSLI-Y Program Experience
: Student or program implementer produced videos, photo slideshows, articles, and/or newsletters in English and/or partially or fully in the target language (preferred) that summarize the group’s experience and development of language skills over the course of the NSLI-Y program.

Want some further assistance in structuring your NSLI-Y Interactive story? Check out the NSLI-Y Interactive Story Template above!

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