On March 15, 2014, NSLI-Y Korea students and their Resident Director left bustling Seoul for a relaxing day in Chuncheon and Nami Island. Chuncheon is a city northeast of Seoul that is located in a basin formed by the Soyang and Han rivers. It is a popular destination because it was featured in a popular Korean drama. On the other hand, Nami Island is well known for its natural beauty, as well as for being the location of well-known novelist Kim You-Jeong’s house. While in Chuncheon, the students got to try regional specialties, like Dak Galbi, a dish made by stir-frying chicken in chili pepper paste sauce and vegetables. The students had a great time exploring a more natural side of Korea.

Upon arrival, we made our way over to the boat that would take us across the river to the island. The island itself had a very unique vibe and you couldn't help but to appreciate the efforts made while constructing Nami Island to preserve the nuances of nature. The intentional absence of electrical wiring and streetlights was a much-needed refresher after spending several months in the confines of Seoul's concrete jungles. Some of us took to bike rides, others took to paddle boats on the river, and others watched the ostriches and squirrels that showed no hesitations when accepting food straight from your hands.

… The trip was inarguably worth dragging ourselves out of bed early on a Saturday. What we had expected to be an ordinary trek across some place on the outskirts of Seoul turned out to be a revitalizing venture into Nami Island.

-Kenny, NSLI-Y Korea, Academic Year 2013-2014