Ingrid, a current NSLI-Y student in Taiwan, was recently nominated as the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs’ American Abroad Student of the Month for January 2019. Congratulations, Ingrid!

ingrid makes dumplings

"Ingrid passionately integrates herself into her host community through volunteering. She planned and implemented English language classes for students and young adults, led cultural exchanges through sports and cooking with students at Qingye and Taiwu Elementary schools, and volunteered with a local food bank and an organization dedicated to assisting the elderly. In the latter, Ingrid was able to utilize vocabulary from her Taiwanese Health and Wellness course to care for senior citizens.Additionally, Ingrid is dedicated to her studies and shows tremendous effort in NSLI-Y’s academic setting. She represented NSLI-Y at a national speech competition for exchange students in Taipei where her speech was about having the courage to humble oneself to empathize with others. Ingrid’s midterm project is a comparative analysis of gun culture and legislation between the United States and Taiwan."

Click here to read the full article on Ingrid on the U.S. Department of State website.

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