NSLI-Y students in Moldova, Jordan, India and Morocco spent the summer of 2018 doing various environmental community service projects in their communities.

Volunteering at the Botanical Garden

Cleaning up a patch of the rose garden Miette and Amaya cleaning up the garden.

Students on the NSLI-Y Russian program in Moldova celebrated the 4th of July by volunteering at Chisinau’s Botanical Garden. Participants spent several sunny afternoon hours in the rose garden there, trimming flowers and cleaning up waste so that Chisinau residents and visitors can enjoy this beautiful local park throughout the summer.

NSLI-Y students helping plant a tree NSLI-Y students planting trees.

Improving Facilities for Orphans

NSLI-Y Arabic Students in Jordan joined ACESS program students to volunteer at SOS Children's Villages in Amman for an afternoon of planting trees to improve the facilities for the orphans who live there.

NSLI-Y students helping plant a tree NSLI-Y Hindi summer participants plant trees at Queens’ College in Indore, India.

Planting Trees at Queens’ College

NSLI-Y Hindi summer participants hosted at Queens’ College in Indore, India, performed their first community service activity in early July. Following their classes for the day, students planted trees on campus during an environmental awareness drive. Fellow students from Queens’ College joined them in their service. Participants also listened to speeches on nature conservation.
Volunteering at Moroccan Association for Helping Children in Precarious Situations (AMESIP)

Planting rose bushes Alphina, Hanan, Chloe, and Sarah plant a rose bush.

In late July, NSLI-Y Arabic students in Morocco volunteered at the Moroccan Association for Helping Children in Precarious Situations (AMESIP) in Salé. This organization works with Moroccan children who come from difficult home situations, including poverty, divorce, or not being enrolled in public education.

Planting a tree NSLI-Y students plant a tree.

NSLI-Y students planted rose bushes to beautify the space and spent time conversing with the Moroccan children who attend summer programs there, as well as one of the coordinators of the center. NSLI-Y students were particularly interested in learning more about how the children are selected to participate and the kind of work that is done with the children and their families to support them.